1.5.0 update for the Player's Book!

Major Update!

I'm done with a major life change (move to another city), so there's been a bit of a pause. However, now we're back, and the Player's Book has received a major facelift.

  • Terminology changes: "Hit Dice" to "Grit Dice". "Armour Class" to "Defense Value".
  • Saving Throws for spells clarified to have a TN of the Magic Roll result
  • Spells tweaked a bit to fit the new Saving Throw rule & from playtest, and renamed in many cases
  • Fighters and Magic-Users reroll Attack/Magic based on their current Grit Dice, not level.
  • Lifestyle options to Living Costs
  • Clarifications to henchmen and hireling hiring.
  • Clarifications to helpless and 0 GD
  • Lots of various text fixes

As usual, the 1.5.0 update is available for free by joining the game Discord, or if you feel less social, through the itch store here.

Join the Playtest now! (discord link)


Them Deeper Bones — Player's Book (beta 1.5.0).pdf 1 MB
Mar 04, 2022

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