Version 1.6 / Print Player's Book coming to Ropecon 2022

First of all, updated the files to version 1.6 (1.6.2 to be exact, reasons follow).

This version update is probably one of the bigger ones. The layout has seen a complete overhaul to accommodate for future print releases.

  • Player's Book has been proofread/edited. Final edit not done, but the text here is pretty close to what the final version will be.
  • Guide Book has a lot of the core things rewritten and some critical things done that were missing.
  • The Black Shield Canton (aka world book) has tons more lore about the world, but still missing a lot. The Old Bear House adventure is in this book.

As always, the itch page is for fundraising art and editing for the game, so if you just want the game and don't want to pay for it, come head to the Them Deeper Bones discord, it's availabe there for free:

Ropecon 2022 is coming!

The biggest RPG convention of Finland is coming again in physical form, and thus I've made a print run of 100 copies of the player's book (since the text is so close to final) to get some attention to the game and some cash for ordering unique art.

If you are at Ropecon, come by the Ironspine/Myrrys booth and get yourself a copy of the book for 15€. If there any extra copies left after the con, I'll be putting them for sale here.


Them Deeper Bones - The Player's Book - 1.6.2 (Ropecon 2022).pdf 2 MB
Jul 21, 2022
Them Deeper Bones - The Guide Book - 1.6.2.pdf 1 MB
Jul 21, 2022
Them Deeper Bones - The World Book - 1.6.2.pdf 2 MB
Jul 21, 2022

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