The Old Bear House

Uploaded the first export version of The Old Bear House adventure to be a part of the Them Deeper Bones pack. It's a lore-heavy adventure delve for a starting Rediscovery Company, and as is apparent from the bullet point lists and the couple of "TODO" notations, still a work in progress, but should make playtesting the game simpler.

The Old Bear House is about a company going to the ruins of an old farm and discovering how the past events there are still haunting the place. There might also be a bear.

If you don't feel like paying to get the playtest files, there is a discord server where the playtest files are shared freely: This itch version is mainly to collect funds for art and editing and for people who want to skip social interaction and just get to the files.


14 - The Old Bear House (first export verison).pdf 501 kB
May 12, 2022

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