Guide Book 1.5.0 out!

Both the Player's Book and the Guide Book are now at beta version 1.5.0. The guide book update is more about the philosophy of play than rules changes.

  • Meaning of different rolls expanded
  • How to choose when to roll
  • How to deal with people being on fire
  • The Grit Dice and Defense Value terminology changes
  • couple of new forgotten magics
  • Various text fixes as usual

As usual, the 1.5.0 update is available for free by joining the game Discord, or if you feel less social, through the itch store here.

Join the Playtest now! (discord link)


Them Deeper Bones — Player's Book (beta 1.5.0).pdf 1 MB
Mar 10, 2022
Them Deeper Bones — Guide Book (beta 1.5.0).pdf 1 MB
Mar 10, 2022

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