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The Ropecon 2022 physical copies of The Player's Books available!
Hiya explorers! The bottom of the box: It's not visible yet, which means that there are now physical copies of Them Deeper Bones The Player's Book available for...
Version 1.6 / Print Player's Book coming to Ropecon 2022
First of all, updated the files to version 1.6 (1.6.2 to be exact, reasons follow). This version update is probably one of the bigger ones. The layout has seen...
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Version 1.5.2 update
The files have been updated to the latest versions. This means 1.5.2 for the rule books and included is the 1.5.1 version of the world book. The 1.5.2 is a bala...
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The Old Bear House
Uploaded the first export version of The Old Bear House adventure to be a part of the Them Deeper Bones pack. It's a lore-heavy adventure delve for a starting R...
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Guide Book 1.5.0 out!
Both the Player's Book and the Guide Book are now at beta version 1.5.0. The guide book update is more about the philosophy of play than rules changes. Meaning...
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1.5.0 update for the Player's Book!
Major Update! I'm done with a major life change (move to another city), so there's been a bit of a pause. However, now we're back, and the Player's Book has rec...
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I have been thinking that game could be used to run a lot of classic content and I looked at the stat block and it would...
started by JonasMus Dec 22, 2021
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